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Best Cycles Under 10000 In India Complete list and Reviews 2019

best cycles under 10000

Hi, guys today I am going to share best and top list of all-time best cycles under 10000 for adults who are wishing to buy a cycle then you can read this complete guide that I am going to share with you. I hope that you will like these best gear cycles under 10000 for adults. So if you are searching for the cycles that should be in the range of 10000 then you can read here complete guide here.

I hope friends that you will like this complete list that I am going to share with you the best cycles under 10000 so keep reading this blog where I will help you with buying the best bicycle for you under 10000. If you like this post then do not forget to share this article on social media platforms and also share with your friends who are already searching for this type of guide.

best cycles under 10000

Best Cycles Under 10000 In India

So guys if you are searching for the best cycle in India then here I will help you ver much. I have reviewed and complete guide on cycles for adults. So stay here I am going to share the best cycle that are for adults and if you would like these cycles then you can buy from amazon because it is the right place to buy anything online. So keep reading the list of top 10 cycles for adults in India.

1.Firefox Bikes Stormyum 16T Single Speed Kids Cycle (Neon Pink) (5-7 Years)

This cycle from the company firefox is the best and first in my list that I am sharing with you the top 10 list of the best cycle for adults. This cycle is suitable for kids who are in the age of 5-7 years. This cycle is very good and easy to use for the newbie. The size of this cycle is 14 inch. So some key features of these cycles are listed below that you should know before you buy this.

Key Features

  • Easy To setup For First time
  • 14-inch cycle for kids 5-7 years old
  • Also easy to use for girls


  • Front Brake And back breaks are available

  • It has two extra back tire for support

  • Made with material steel


  • No carrier

  • No stand for this cycle

2.Firefox Bikes Monstran 14T Single Speed Kids Cycle 3-5 Years

the second cycle that comes in our list is another cycle made by the company firefox bikes monstrance for kids in single speed. As we have compared above this cycle is the same as the above but the only difference is that it has an age group from 3 to 5 years old child. Main points of this cycle are that it has the 14-inch size that supports the rider that has a maximum height of 3 foot 5 inch. This cycle is also made for girls also. Girls can also ride this cycle. So check out the main key points of this cycle that I am going to share below

Key  Features

  • 14-inch cycle
  • Made with Steel material
  • Also Made for Girls Ride
  • Also, have suspension


  • Good For kids age 3-5 years old

  • Maximum height supports 3 foot 6 inch

  • This cycle is easy to fit


  • No carrier and No Stand Available

3.Hero Flake 20T 6 Speed Cycle For Kids 7-9 Years Old

From our childhood, we know the name of the company name hero this is the oldest company that I have ever seen`. So hero company also has designed a cycle name Hero flake20T  6 Speed cycle for kids age from 7-9 years old. So check some key features of this cycle that I am going to share with you about this cycle below.

Key Features

  • 14-inch cycle For Kids
  • This cycle is for kids 7-9 years old
  • Dual Suspension
  • This cycle comes with a stand
  • Front and Rear Brake are available


  • Easy to Setup

  • Maximum Rider Height 5 feet

  • It has a stand


  • No chain cover and No Carrier Available

4.Hero Next 24T 18 Speed Mountain Cycle For Adults

Another cycle that I would like to share with you is that  Hero Next 24T mountain cycle for adults that will also fir in your budget because the price of this cycle id only 7999 only that I under 10000. This is a high performed cycle that you would like to purchase. This cycle is very good and top-rated on Amazon. You can check below the main key features of this cycle that why this is the good one for you.

Key Features

  • 24-inch Cycle For Adults
  • Maximum Height of rider is 6 feet 4 inches for this cycle
  • Made with Steel Material
  • Front and Rear Brake are Available with this cycle
  • Easy To assemble For the First Time


  • Seat is very good and adjustable

  • Minimum Height Supports 5 feet

  • Good For Mountain Trips

  • Good Designed and well managed brake


  • No Carrier Available

5.Milton NEXTRO 26T Mountain Cycle For Adults

Milton is another big company in India. It has launched his cycle name, Milton Nextro 26T Mountain Cycle for adult. If you are planning for going on a mountain trip then you should buy this cycle because it has a large size tire that makes it very attractive. You can check some good key points below so that you will get an idea about this cycle that this is for you or not. Check below.

Key Features

  • Large 26-inch cycle For Mountain Trip
  • Good For Adults
  • Made with Steel Material
  • Tires are very wide
  • Colour is very attractive that Is green


  • Thick Tires with good look

  • Double valve rim is installed in tires

  • Cycle stand is available


  • For Single Person Only no Carrier Available

6. UT K1 Single Speed Cycle For Boys

Next cycle that is in our list is that UT KI single speed cycle for kids age 6-10 years old. So if you have a child age from 6 to 10 years then you should go for this cycle because this cycle has lots of features that I will share with you on this blog. This cycle is the 11-inch size and has made up with good material of steel and the paddles of this cycle are made up of plastic material. Check below some other features of this cycle that you want to know

Key Features

  • 11-inch size of this cycle
  • Dual Suspension is available in this cycling package
  • The cycle is easy to install for first-time use
  • It has a 6-speed gear
  • Size of the wheel is 20 inches


  • Both brakes are available in this cycle

  • This is a gear-based cycle

  • Best Mountain Bikes


  • No carrier and chain cover available with this cycle

7.Avon GENNOW Mountain Cycle 27.5 SINGLE SPEED Without Gear

So we are going to our next cycle that is available in this top 10 list of the cycle. So the next cycle is designed by Avon Gennow mountain cycle without gear. This is the great cycle that is without gear available for adults. So check below some specification of this cycle that is available on the Amazon site. I hope that you will like this cycle that I have shared with you.

Key Features

  • This cycle is very easy to fit when it arrived
  • This cycle is made up of carbon material
  • Wheel Size is 27.5 x 2.10


  • Wheel are made with alloy material

  • Disc brakes are available with this cycle

  • speed rating is 21


  • No chain cover and carrier available with this cycle

8.NTC-Kross K-10 26T 18 Speed Mountain Cycle

Next cycle is NTC Kross K10 mountain bike that is available on amazon. This cycle is made up of the alloy material all the rims and frame of these cycles are made with alloy. The best things that I liked in this cycle is that it has a semi raised handle of the cycle that is very good in performance when you go for a ride. For more specification, you can check these key features of this cycle that I have shared with you.

Key Features

  • Made with alloy material
  • Brakes are friction-free
  • The frame is MIG welded
  • The handle is very sturdy in performance
  • 18 speeds are available with this cycle


  • Good looking in design

  • Rims are made up with alloy material

  • Triple Wheel Chainset

  • It has a stand


  • No chain cover and carrier Available with this cycle

9.R For Rabbit Tinny Toes Sports Bicycle For Kids 4-7 Years Old

R For Rabbit cycle is another one cycle that I am going to share with you. This is the high performed cycle for kids 4-7 years old. This cycle is also made up of alloy material that you can check below mention key specifications of this cycle. This is the best 16-inch cycle for kids that can ride it easily

Key Features

  • Made up With Alloy Material
  • 85% preinstall package arrived at the time of delivery
  • Three-step to install
  • Adjustable height of the frame 8 cms that can be adjusted


  • 16 inc cycle

  • Brakes are very good and it is disc brake

  • Two supporting tires come with this cycle

  • Paddles made with plastic material


  • No Carrier Available

10.AHOY! Fitted & Ready to Ride Bicycle 20 inch Chaos for Boys 7 to 10 Years

So at the last of this list, we have the last cycle that I have listed in this list is Ahoy cycle for kids 20 inches for boys from 7-10 years old. This 20-inch cycle is suitable for kids who are in the age of 7 to 10 years. So that boys that have a height from 4.2 inches to 4.9 inches can easily ride this cycle. You can check this good specification that I am going to share below. I hope that you will be happy for reading this features.

Key Features

  • Extra Supporting tires available
  • The disc brake is a very good option in this cycle
  • Easy to install and setup is good
  • Cycle size is very good of 20 inches


  • All the parts are made with steel material

  • Support height up to 4.9 inches

  • The soft, sturdy and comfortable seat is available with this cycle

  • Disc brakes are available


  • No Chain cover and Carrier Available

Buyers Guide For These Cycles

At the last of this blog post, I am wishing that your search is coming to end with these best cycles under 10000 that I have shared with you. So, friends, I have shared all the good and bad points that I have researched about this cycle that you should know before you purchase any of the cycles that are available on amazon. I hope that this post about best cycles under 10000 has cleared all your doubt that you have about the cycle. So friends share this post with your friends so that they can read this post and check these cycles that I have shared here. Also, share this post on social media accounts


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